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Deadly Sally by XRadioactive-FrizzX Deadly Sally by XRadioactive-FrizzX
I drew a ponified version of Deadly Sally a little girl in this song by Lucid Dementia.

"Deadly Sally
Here is a tale of torture and revenge
Disguised as a beauty Sally leads us to an end

Once before, she was a beautiful soul
Trusting, innocent, without a hold
got mixed up with an unpleasant fold
Took advantage of her undoubting role
"She lives so perfect," they exclaimed
"Not a crack in her past or a crevice to blame."
"Let's play a trick to teach her pain"
So they devised a plan, to test her refrain
One spooky night, they told her a surprise
Was deep in the woods, in the shape of a prize
A party for Sally that was the guise
So she followed them in, fooled by their lies
"NOW!" said a kid, and on her head threw a sack
Then they tied up her hands in a senseless attack
laughing they fled without once looking back
alone in the woods she wandered in the black
Days went by, Sally unseen
the town got together and searched out in teams
"Out in the ditch!" someone's mom screamed
there was her body, but her head was not seen

Deadly Sally, she's only a head
Poor sweet Sally is back from the dead
Run from her, no matter what is said
For she may kill you as you sleep in your bed

Months went by and Sally’s death was unsolved
The guilty ones tried, but they couldn't evolve
Restlessly they slept due to guilt not dissolved
Waiting in their dreams Sally had this resolve:
"You were my friends, or so you lead me to believe
I'm coming back to kill you for what you did to me."
Then all the children could do nothing but grieve
As Sally came at night with only death to achieve
She glared into their eyes until their bodies were dust
and before they dropped dead Sally laughed with disgust
Her killing went on, as it was her new lust
Now Sally waits to harm those she doesn’t trust
So let this be a message to those who harmed her soul
For she never wanted anything more than to be whole
Sally was an innocent seeking some control
But the evil children laughing left her body in a hole.
Now every night as it starts getting late
Anyone involved in her death will meet their fate
There’s nowhere to hide, for she’ll find you like bait
Finally her revenge is fulfilled by her HATE"

Pretty spooky huh?
Critique by BombPrincess Nov 15, 2012, 7:05:13 AM
I think this is a great start. The idea behind this work was sound and new.
I would suggest working on your anatomy. Her left leg (our right) looks wonky - legs don't curl like that. Same thing with her back arm - she isn't a noodle. Her body doesn't seem thick enough to support her massive legs and arms, and ponies (even My Little Ponies) have a thicker, more rounded rump to support their weight.
Another thing that looks strange is how you can only see her left ear. It seems the other ear should be sticking out just as much.
All in all I think it's good for a beginner, and I believe you have a lot of potential to grow as an artist :) You just need to learn the basics of anatomy. Keep it up!
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